Retropose – bags and accessories

Vertebrate is a new handmade “knot” leather process, patented by the two founders of Retropose. This application characterizes their entire creative idea and production. The manual twist for every leather strip is the soul and symbol of the creative process concept, from the design to the prototype. It confers to the collections the fierce character of the handmade product, together with the romantic and contemporary allure of their “non conventional” approach. The boutique in Via del Pellegrino is not a simple one, it is a space for research, minimal in its terms, and ideal set for maximising the experience of every single creation. With a deep attachment to the territory, the two designers are creators, producers and sellers of their own brand, entirely based on true italian craftsmanship, direct relation with their clients and with no second intermediaries. Retropose’s style and concept is quality rather than quantity, through which the real value is in the uniqueness of its products. At Retropose it is possible what’s impossible in other places: customize every single detail, allowing the client to actually be an essential key to the creative process, while respecting the shapes created by the designers. This consents a thorough and unique experience to the acquisition of a tailor made product.