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Inmedia collection


The Collection –inmedia is conceived through the union of purely static and extremely soft shapes. A fundamental process that originates “change”, or better the transformation of models from firm rigidity to sinuous and gentle softness. In fact the models are absolutely fascinating for their vaguely vintage taste, but at the same time adaptable and concrete; not dedicated to an icon-woman held in a disenchanted enclosure, but to a femininity that is expanded combined in both work activities and free time. Every bag is a unique piece, modeled entirely by hand. The touch is extremely pleasing thanks to the use of very soft and scented calf, pony and deer leathers, all matched internally and externally to a wanted color and material contrast. In this collection color transformations have a precise and defined role that is distinguished in soft greys and tint dyes perfectly balanced in respect to the last models stronger and brighter colors.