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Vertebrate is a new handmade “knot” leather process, patented by the two founders of Retropose. This application characterizes their entire creative idea and production. The manual twist for every leather strip is the soul and symbol of the creative process concept, from the design to the prototype. It confers to the collections the fierce character of the handmade product, together with the romantic and contemporary allure of their “non conventional” approach. The boutique in Via del Pellegrino is not a simple one, it is a space for research, minimal in its terms, and ideal set for maximising the experience of every single creation. With a deep attachment to the territory, the two designers are creators, producers and sellers of their own brand, entirely based on true italian craftsmanship, direct relation with their clients and with no second intermediaries. Retropose’s style and concept is quality rather than quantity, through which the real value is in the uniqueness of its products. At Retropose it is possible what’s impossible in other places: customize every single detail, allowing the client to actually be an essential key to the creative process, while respecting the shapes created by the designers. This consents a thorough and unique experience to the acquisition of a tailor made product.

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Retropose – bags and accessories - Retropose designers LR

Federica Cremisini

Federica Cremisini was born on 11 June 1986, grew up in the historic center of Rome, where, besides the beauty of the city, has had a continuous visual contact initially and subsequently with real fabric stores that marked the place where she lived. Her story begins with the choice to attend the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome,

where she began to make concrete her passion for fashion. During the four years of the course has developed knowledge and dexterity in creating her own vision about fashion, fashion as ongoing research of new ideas. During the third year she decided to embark on a month-long trip to India, during which takes cues from a variety of entities to outline the key points of her thesis, in which choose to study the “COLOR” as a fundamental element. Completed four years of the Accademia has decided to delve into the world of accessories, with an additional course of modeling. Her passion is delineated along the way, and after an internship at “ Decouture,” begins to materialize the desire to create her own line. After a series of experiments and work on the product, along with a former university colleague, she has decided to optimize these studies into something real. Constitute the brand’s “ Retropose “, with which, about a year ago, has presented their first collection, creating an event / private sale. Enjoying a wide success and after selling the whole collection, they decided to broaden their prospects looking for a space to become their own study / work, culminated in December 2012 by opening a boutique in Via del Pellegrino 60, in the center of Rome and in an area characterized by a many boutiques! They begin their adventure in the space of a year that also had accolades from the Lazio region, which in January 2014 was awarded the boutique inserting it in the eight most interesting shops of Rome, according to the criterion of judgment that part of the project, comes to product and enhances the preparation research of the store. Now the two designers bring forward their ideas firmly, trying to fit into an even broader market, and expanding their international prospects looking for new partners and collaborations.

Giulia Mitarotonda

Giulia Mitarotonda was born in Paris in February 1987. Italian citizenship, lives and grows in completely different countries: France, Iran and Turkey. Completed the course at the French High School in Istanbul, where she graduated in economics, she decided to turn the page as soon as she has arrived in Rome.

The “Accademia di Costume e Moda” offers her a way to rearrange and express all the information stored in these years of different cultures and continuous movement, in a journey full of news that intrigues her person. Four years of full immersion in the reality “academic” give her the basics and a cultural background that have allowed her to be selected for the 15 finalists of the “Final Work” : a catwalk of six outfits during “AltaRoma“ (January 2011 ), and then to perform two stages, one at Valentino in Paris and one at Marni in Milan where she takes care of the brand’s vintage archive. From here there is a rushing desire to create, manage and treat her own image of a single product. This desire, fully shared by her former university colleague is reflected in the return to Rome, hours and hours of research, laboratory, consultation define finally the establishment of a new joint project called “ Retropose.” So, in October 2012, comes to light the first collection of handbags. Six months later, Federica Cremisini and Giulia Mitarotonda inaugurate the Retropose boutique in Via del Pellegrino, in the historic center of Rome.