Je suis couleur Pastel

Inhale Exhale

Curved lines and perfect symmetries are the inspiration of the ss2020 collection. Shapes and colors are the basis of every creation. The collection Inhale-Exhale comes to life from cylindrical and cubic geometries. This collection dares with strong lines and accompanies the body in a sinuous way. Take a breath, open your eyes: an explosion of color is in front of you. From natural green to light grey, from ivory and black to magenta: innovative lines with contrasting details in the tones and materials characteristic of Retropose mood, bags with a specific time — yours.

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La Piscine

New models made in the colors of our summer… pastel tones alternate with the brighter shades of the sun’s rays.

Join us by the pool, the water is perfect.

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Autumn Leaves

Lela, Mirta … welcome among us! Like leaves.

Light in warm tones, large or small, the precious materials enhance the colors on the leathers selected for the FW 2018/19 season and make the collection an autumn rainbow.

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Oh, Bless You, Dear

My home as yours, experiences lived together and consolidated over the years, escapes out of the ordinary to build and test new roads and dimensions.

Emotions that find new lives in SS 2018.

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Self Discipline

It is only in the relationship with the body that the collection fulfills its highest aspiration. Delicate balances between large shapes and movements create perfect dynamism. An elegant and composed counterweight projected towards the future.

It is not an escape, it’s a restart.

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L'Air Dégagé

Join us: rethink and re-propose one of the key elements of Retropose’s identity, to upset certain balances. Leave room for color, explore new solutions, rejoice, dare.

Play with us.

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My Elena, My Heritage

Edda, Tessa, Thelma, Nora… something of Helena is in each of you, as in me. The charm of the past and the timeless elegance of the Retropose brand live in this collection: iconic items to give strength and character to everyday life.

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